• What is Tertiary Sight?

    Working at the junction of mysticism & technology to make the metaphysical tangible, Tertiary Sight is Nashville's aura photography pop up. Tertiary Sight is an experience that invites people to have their aura portrait taken as a tool for self-empowerment. Through aura photography, Tertiary Sight gives people the opportunity to learn what their aura expresses about who they are and how they exist in the world so they can live a more authentic life.

    What is an aura?

    An aura is a human energy field. The distinctive atmosphere generated by a person's energy.

    What is aura photography?

    Aura photography uses Kirlian technology to take auras from imperceptible to tangible. Tertiary Sight uses a highly specialized bio-feedback imaging camera to photograph the ethereal aura.

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    Tertiary Sight is made to move. We're interested in exploring new venues. This could be collaborating on with a brand, a retail space, an art collective, or being a part of your next market.

    private events

    Looking for something to electrify your next corporate event, birthday party, or bachelorette party? Let Tertiary Sight bring an experience your guests won't forget.

    creative collaborations

    Working at the junction of technology & mysticism, Tertiary Sight is all for experiments. Have an idea? We're always excited to hear from new collaborators.